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Perfect Pre-Halloween Fun

That was great. The visuals, music, and overall mood were perfect for some pre-Halloween fun. And yes, I do already have some candy--I just bought a bag of little peanut-butter cups tonight--but my girlfriend and I will probably eat it all before Halloween.

I like your art better than I like most of my own, so if you might like to do some art for my update to Black Cat Ops (/portal/view/200708) over the next couple weeks or so (I would like to add some new characters, areas, and possibly decorative elements to go along with my fright meter system and other changes in progress and planning), do get in touch.

Well Done; Very Funny

The very notion of forbidden words seems rather puerile, so it seems appropriate for your cartoon to use the setting and characters it did. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Great work! Make more!

Your art and animation were nice and your story was fun. I look forward to seeing more from you.

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A Good Game With a Few Issues

You have made an uncommonly good Flash game--one of the best I have seen on Newgrounds!

There are, however, some bugs that could be addressed (e.g., there are two different names for the second level, enemy and explosion collisions with drones cause damage to the main ship, sometimes even hovering over a coin does not result in it being collected, and some of your text needs to be copy-edited by a native English speaker) and there is still room for improvement to the interface (e.g., you could default to high quality for the map and shop screens regardless of the in-game quality setting) and the gameplay (e.g., there does not seem to be any in-game indication of what special items the player has or what special item keys are currently available, secondary weapons seem to be lost after a level is completed even if they have not been depleted, and the mine-layer segment of the third level is much slower than the rest of the game up to that point). I hope to see an updated version of the game or even a sequel with the current game's issues addressed.

Keep up the good work!

Better collision detection, please.

It's okay, but it could be better with better collision detection. I like how the player's character rolls about, but having to restart levels after colliding with the nothingness surrounding another character is rather tedious. I would like to try a version of this with the collision detection fixed.

It has potential, but the control kills it.

You should add keyboard control because the mouse control does not seem to work very well. Mouse control is always tricky for shooters, but when there is lag between the mouse pointer's actual location and the character's location and frequent clicking is necessary, it is more likely that the user will click while the mouse pointer is outside the Newgrounds pop-up window, causing the window stacking to change and the game to disappear into a lower position in the stack.

I hope to see an updated version with better control; I suspect you would see even higher scores for that.

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This music says "please put me in an old-school shooter".

Great Tune

This is a great tune; I hope to hear more from you.

This may go very well with a game I am working on.

Goukisan responds:

Thanks for the kind words ^_^ i would be honoured to hear my song in a flash artist's game. And i plan to make some more songs. Any feedback is appreciated.

Mathematics is your friend. Well, maybe not yours per se, but it is my friend anyway.

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